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Why should I build panelized?

There was a time when building a new home stick by stick on a building lot was the standard and accepted course of construction. Times have changes in the residential building market. More builders and buyers are recognizing that the old methods might not be the most effective. Increasingly, homes are being erected using panelized building system; a construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment to build wall panels and to construct an energy efficient and durable home in less time. Panelized home building systems retain the best aspects of stick frame construction. It combines time-tested building methods with modern technology to deliver a well-designed, energy efficient and beautiful, new home. 


What are the benefits of panelization?

  • A unique and personalized customization process - choose from hundreds of designs, or use your own.

  • Skilled technicians assemble complex components with pride and care.

  • Wall panels, floor systems, and roof trusses are constructed in manufacturers facility, that is enclosed year-round.

  • Materials supplied in a time efficient manner.

  • Less job-site waste

  • Reduced threat of job-site theft or damage.

  • Energy Star compliant resulting in 30% less energy use, as specified by NYSERDA.

  • Potential, significant savings in man-hours over site-built structures, as noted by the Building Systems Council of the NAHB.

  • We provide some of the leading brand names of windows, doors, siding, cabinets, and roofing.

  • Enables year round construction.

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